Ring in the New Year with Nighttime Peace, Quiet, and more Sleep for your Household

Have the holidays wreaked havoc on your child and family's sleep schedule?Are your children getting up once or multiple times at night? Are your toddlers and preschoolers climbing into your bed every night? Has your child developed the habit of feeding throughout the night even though he doesn't require it? Are you exhausted or at your wits end?If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this is a great time to focus on getting your entire family to sleep through the night. Now that the holidays are over and a New Year is upon us, you can make a resolution that can benefit your entire household. When your child sleeps through the night, it means more sleep for everyone!I can offer an in depth sleep consultation, and walk you through a step by step plan that can help your child resolve his sleep issues in a few weeks, when applied correctly. Depending on the situation, sometimes you may see dramatic improvement in a few days. Consultations can be done in your home.I am offering a New Year’s Discount for the month of January, so you can make the decision to solve your child's sleep problem even easier. Contact me on or before January 31st to book a consultation and you will receive:30% off an in depth consultation only OR 40% off a package which includes an in depth consultation and follow up phone calls. Get off to the right start this New Year by making your child's sleep a priority. Contact me via email or phone and use the Code: SLEEP FOR THE NEW YEAR.**Remember you must contact me before January 31, 2012 to take advantage of this discount.**Ancy Lewis, LCSW, P.C.

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